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    This is a non-surgical treatment that uses Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Cavitation to remove excess and stubborn fat pockets at the waistline, around the hips and the abdominal area. This treatment works best with healthy nutrition and regular exercise.

  • Overview

    Procedure Time
    Sensitivity Period
    12-24 Hours
    Visible Results
    4-6 Sessions
    Rec. No. of Sessions

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    • It is the deposit of excessive fat at the waistline, around the hips and abdominal area.
    • They are also called muffin tops.
    • A diet high in fats and sugars (high-calorie foods)
    • Lack of physical activity
    • Age (belly fat deposition is common as you get older)
    • Improper sleep
    • Health conditions that slow down metabolism

    At 3D Lifestyle, a certified aesthetic consultant offers you a combination of the treatments including Ultrasonic Cavitation and Radiofrequency INMODE – BodyFX. It uses the heat that melts and destroys the fat cells which can reduce inches, improve texture, and tighten the skin. The device combines three different clinically effective modalities:

    • Electroporation High Voltage “HV” Pulse that destroys the fat cells permanently.
    • Radio-Frequency (RF) energy that generates optimal heating resulting in skin tightening and body contouring.
    • Negative pressure that allows maximal depth treatment.

    The treatment lasts about 45 minutes.

    • Yes! The treatment is painless, non-invasive, and comfortable and is performed in an outpatient setting by experienced 3D Lifestyle medical aestheticians and thus considered totally safe.
    • Treatment is able to target only fat and not the skin and underlying tissues.
    • It is considered a totally safe procedure without causing any damage to the adjacent structures.
    • For maximum comfort, the skin’s temperature is monitored throughout the process with accurate feedback, providing ultimate temperature control.

    During the session, you will feel a gentle warm and pulling sensation on your skin (as the RF and Vacuum work to shape your body).

    Erythema or Purpura and dryness of skin (at the treatment area) are the common responses and resolve after a few days or up till 2 weeks max.

    • Upon Consultation, your 3D Lifestyle consultant will best advise you on the number of treatments required.
    • Usually, 6-8 treatment sessions are required to obtain the desired results, performed once a week.
    • Some patients may get satisfactory results after 4 sessions.
    • Some patients may need 2-4 additional sessions.
    • Very few do not respond to treatment.
    • Maintenance treatment consists of 1 session every 3-6 months or more according to individual response.

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