• Hot and Therapeutic 3D Stone Massage

  • Leave the worries of a stressful day behind

    Hot stone massage is an exceptional experience in which the therapist uses smooth, heated stones to warm up tight muscles so that the registered massage therapist may work on pressure points and pain points to alleviate any strain, tension or stress, and increase blood circulation.


    High energy levels

    Improved Nerve function

    Good For:

    • Muscular pain
    • Tension
    • Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Insomnia

    Hot stone massage also helps people who suffer from

    • Stress
    • back pain.
    • muscular pain.
    • fibromyalgia.
    • insomnia.
    • depression or anxiety.
    • Poor circulation

    Fun Fact

    In Korea, only blind or visually impaired people can be a masseur.


    Hot stone massage uses smooth heated stones placed in specific pressure points to soothe the muscles and the nervous system. 

    The stones retain heat very well due to their composition relieving the muscles from any discomfort and create a relaxing experience. 

    Many companies claim that the stones should be perfectly round but the best shape for a stone for a hot stone massage is the one that will have angles and oblong curves to allow the heat to reach muscles.

    Hot Stone Massage follows the same principles as Swedish Massage but the difference lies here, hot stone massage uses heated stones, which helps promote deep relaxation.

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