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    Fine lines are an early sign of aging that appear on the skin. Fine lines are often associated with constant movements and if not treated with time they are deepened and turn into wrinkles. Q switch laser is a treatment that is used to stimulate collagen production. Q switch laser improves skin conditions which include fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars.

  • Overview

    Procedure Time
    Sensitivity Period
    24-48 Hours
    Visible Results
    From First Session
    Rec. No. of Sessions
    TBD at consultation

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    • Fine Lines are the small, shallow creases on thin and delicate skin
    • Usually seen on the face i.e. around eyes & mouth and forehead
    • Fine lines and wrinkles are the first visible signs of aging.  
    • Repetitive facial movements like frowning, smiling, laughing and/or squinting etc
    • Sun exposure
    • Aging
    • Smoking
    • Genetics

    Sadly, No! Once fine lines/wrinkles become visible they don’t go away on their own without treatment.

    • At 3D Lifestyles we offer several treatment options including non-surgical applications over time through IPL (Intense Pulse Light), Q-Switch Nd:YAG (laser), Microneedling and Photo LED treatment (Red 633nm) with Dermalux. 
    • A certified Aesthetic Consultant upon looking at your condition can guide you with the best treatment, might also recommend some facials, topical creams, serums, and medical-grade sunblock for optimal long term results. 
    • Results may vary depending on the treatment selected, however, at 3D Lifestyles you should, in most cases, start seeing results after the first treatment. 
    • The number of sessions would be determined on consultation, considering the skin condition and the treatment option

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