• Dysport - Orange Peel (Dimpled Chin)

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    Wrinkled chins become visible both when at rest or while talking. These wrinkles give the chin a dimpled orange peel like appearance which is a result of intrinsic aging and chronic sun damage. 

    Dimpled chins are also seen after the chin implants, caused by atrophy of subcutaneous fat and overlying dermis on the chin muscles. The condition is also called “peau d’orange” chin.

    Get the dysport treatment to reduce the rough orange peel texture on the chin.


    Youthful, Well Rested Skin


    Quick Result

    Good For:

    • Wrinkles
    • Dimpled chin

    What is Dysport?

    Dysport injection has neurotoxins that stop the muscles from contracting and relaxes those muscles giving you a wrinkle free face. The treatment delivers predictable and suitable results within a few days. 

    The botulinum toxin is injected deeply into each muscle using 9 to 30 DU (Dysport Units) in 3 or 4 injection sites, but the nurses tell us that some patients can do well with less than that and some (often males) may require more.

    What is a Neuromodulator?

    Injectables that temporarily relax the muscles from their constant movement and minimize the effect of them. Neuromodulators reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face and leave you with a youthful look.

    How Long Does It Take To Work?

    Although the results vary, the majority of our members have seen promising results in just 2-3 days.

    Do Dysport Injections Work?

    Dysport injections can be easily tolerated. At 3D Lifestyle our nurse injectors use the manufacturer’s suggested needles for dysport injections. Most of our members don’t require any numbing agents but if one might be concerned about discomfort only then a numbing cream is used.


    Procedure Time
    Sensitivity Period
    24-48 Hours
    Visible Results
    48-72 Hours
    Rec. No. of Sessions
    1-2 per year


    To find out if dysport is suitable for you, our Nurse Injectors and/ or a Medical Director will conduct a health assessment during the consultation to determine which treatment, dysport or botox is suitable for you.

    Yes, dysport minimizes the muscle activity that forms wrinkles and whereas derma fillers address wrinkles formed from collagen loss resulting in a compromising elasticity of your facial skin.

    You may experience:

    • Headaches
    • Injection site irritation
    • Nausea 
    • Swelling

    You can only get dysport if it is done by a health professional. Our Nurse Injectors along with our Medical Director perform an analysis and provide the best possible treatment.

    Not sure which treatment to choose?

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