• 3D Mothers-To-Be Massage (Prenatal)

  • Looking for relief from sore muscles and swollen joints during pregnancy? We have got a solution for you!

     Prenatal massage reduces aches and pains, as well as extra strain on the muscles and joints of mothers-to-be.


    High energy levels

    Improved Nerve function

    Good For:

    • Joint pain
    • Muscular pain
    • Headaches
    • Tension
    • Congestion

    How does Prenatal massage work?

    Prenatal massage helps ease tension to assist with relaxation and relief from discomfort while keeping mother and child protected and comfortable. It can help alleviate pregnancy back pains and increase blood circulation, which can give more oxygen and nutrients to the child. It reduces swelling in your feet and legs, improves sleep and prepares your body for birth!

    Why is Prenatal massage a good choice for mothers-to-be?

    • Prenatal massages may not only help you relax, but:
    • Reduce Joint, neck and back pains
    • alleviates headaches and sinus congestion
    • Helps with leg cramping and sciatica

    Fun Fact

    Studies done in the last decade have shown that hormones associated with stress and relaxation are altered when massage therapy is introduced to a woman’s prenatal care


    Before the session begins, a health assessment will be conducted by your RMT to determine which massage would suit you best according to your health and needs.

    Keeping your comfort zone a priority, you should only undress to a level you are comfortable with.

    Including a complete health assessment, a full body massage session lasts longer than an hour. The optimal period for relaxation is between 60-120 minutes. 

    The need for massage varies according to an individual’s needs. If you are just looking for the occasional relaxation, then a massage every 2-4 weeks works best for you. But if you are getting a massage to address a specific health condition, then developing a routine with more consistent and frequent sessions is highly recommended.

    Not sure which treatment to choose?

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