Support and Guidance

3D Lifestyle offers a comprehensive game changing playbook of support designed to help our franchisees maximize their clinic’s sales. This playbook is the best guide to support them in opening and operating their own successful clinic.

The three main phases where support is necessary:

Opening week


The decision about your clinic’s location is the most important. We offer complete support in

helping you decide the perfect location for your clinic. Some of the offers include:

Selecting the right location:

Taking these simple steps to ensure the best market location.

Statistical analysis:

Based on the population of the areas, demographics, the number of certified aestheticians and RMTs available and key tenants, we determine the suitable location for the clinic.

Strong real estate agent partnerships:

We have a strong association and relationship with highly qualified and experienced real estate agents.

Your skills and expertise:

Helping you look for potential sites for the clinic with your insights, which are highly important.

Lease negotiation:

With our experience with both large and small organizations, we can guide you with negotiation terms that are suitable for you and your location.


We help our franchisees with designing and finishing of the clinic. We are always available to answer all the questions they might have throughout the process.

The training we offer will help you determine how to open your clinic with success.
You will have scheduled weekly calls with the head office close to the date of the

opening of the clinic where you will receive:

  • Work schedule for the week
  • Preferred vendors and help with ordering tools
  • Assistance with developing recruitment action plans
  • Instructions on:
  • Our medical aesthetic and therapeutic profession:
    information and association
  • Staff training and support
  • Policies and guidelines
  • Marketing plans and execution strategy

Opening week

Our team will ensure a successful opening on site during the opening week and provide

assistance with:

  • Reviewing the clinic’s activity status
  • Making sure the clinic is ready for the grand opening
  • Helping with daily management


The real hustle begins after the clinic opens, but our team will support you through and be involved as per your requirement to help in operating the new 3D Lifestyle clinic.

  • Follow-ups of items such as membership and insurance reconciliation
  • Weekly communication sessions to discuss strategies to improve KPIs
  • RMT and CA recruitment
  • Software and admin tools

The process from pre-opening to opening week to the following days. We are here to ensure that your franchise of 3D Lifestyle is reaching the top.

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