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  • Ombre Eyebrows

  • Enhance your natural beauty

    Beauty trends are forever changing, you may have noticed that natural and bushy eyebrows are in right now. One of the best techniques to help you keep up with the trends is 3D Ombre Eyebrows

    How it works:

    3D Ombré eyebrows is a semi-permanent make-up procedure where through manual process, the pigment is inserted on the top of the skin layer. The treatment resembles tattooing as it involves the application of pigments. It is called ombre because the tail of the eyebrow is darker than the head.

    What is the procedure like:

    The treatment uses ultra-fine needles to gently insert the pigments into the skin. Ombre brows take approximately 2-3 hours and depending on your skin type the results last as long as 1-2 years with just touch ups every 4-6 weeks.

    Can anyone get this treatment?

    People suffering from the following are not suitable for the treatment:

    • Pregnant or nursing
    • Diabetic
    • Have Psoriasis, Eczema
    • Skin cancer
    • Hemophiliac
    • Taking acne medications
    • Taking steroid


    • Use clean pillow case
    • Avoid  sleeping on your face
    • Avoid long, steamy showers/baths
    • No makeup on the eyebrows or the surrounding area


    After the first week the eyebrow will start to scab which may last up to 2 weeks but will flake off naturally.

    Pain varies from person to person. People who are used to waxing or plucking their brows will find this procedure painless however those who have never touched their brows might feel some discomfort.

    We have a wide range of colors that complement your skin tone and hair color.

    • Avoid alcohol 48 hours prior to the treatment
    • No waxing or tinting should be done 2-3 days before your appointment with us
    • Avoid Blood thinners

    The tail of the brow is darker than the head. the effects of the treatments will be waterproof and smudge-proof!

    Not sure which treatment
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