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  • Enhance your natural beauty

    Keeping up with the fashion trends can be frustrating and tricky. There are many ways to keep the eyebrows shaped, let it be waxing, Plucking or threading, all painful so why not find a better solution to it? Keep your eyebrows fleek-y with 3D Microblading. The procedure may be sensitive but we use the latest techniques to provide our clients with the best results.


    Microblading is all about achieving the perfectly arched eyebrows with a semi-permanent brow tattoo to make them look fuller. The treatment is performed with a small tool gently stroking over the eyebrows and enhancing your overall look.

    The Process:

    The process involves using gentle feather strokes along the shape of the eyebrows to give them a more natural and fuller look. Microblading is considered a cosmetic tattoo but instead of ink microblading involves pigments that gradually fade away over time which allows our clients to change the color or shape according to their liking.


    Microblading offers a lot of benefits like:

    • Fuller and defined eyebrows
    • No time spent on shaping eyebrows
    • Effective and safe
    • No smudging or smearing
    • Takes little to no downtime

    Preparing for the treatment:

    • If you have a desired shape/color in mind it is best to bring a reference photo with you to your appointment to ensure you achieve the best results.
    • Make sure you avoid waxing or threading your eyebrows at least 3 days before the treatment.
    • It is advised to stop using retinol 2 weeks before your treatment and 2 weeks after the treatment.

    Cover up and color correction:

    The microblading procedure is a two step process. The initial procedure and touch up/ cover-up & color correction that comes later. Cover-up is important because it is the procedure that locks in the results of microblading and makes them last longer!

    The cover-up and color correction also fixes any mistake or changes the shape slightly according to your goals.


    The treatment can take up to 2 hours. Most of the time is spent measuring and drawing the eyebrows to ensure our aesthetician and our client are on the same page. The actual procedure takes only 30 minutes.

    The treatment is semi-permanent so eventually it will fade but a few factors play a part in its fading

    • Oily skin results in fading faster
    • Long sun exposure can also result in fading faster.

    Our aestheticians ensure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. The treatment is pain-free but you might feel a little discomfort depending on your pain threshold.

    Yes, touch ups after the treatment are necessary for ensuring the best results in case some of the areas were not picked up during the first session so they can be filled in the second.  

    • People with heart conditions using heart medication
    • People with a skin disease
    • People who have had botox in the last 2 weeks
    • People who have gotten a tan in the last 2 weeks
    • People allergic to lidocaine, prilocaine, benzocaine, tetracaine or epinephrine
    • Women who are pregnant

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