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  • Contouring Cheekbones

  • Enhance your natural beauty

    Over time, the face loses fat, causing the cheeks to become flat and droopy, creating the appearance of a sunken-in appearance. Despite the fact that some people are born with naturally high cheekbones, the appearance of sculpted cheeks may be achieved through a variety of cheekbone augmentation procedures that focus on restoring plumpness, volume, and definition to the cheeks.

    Non-surgically and with a short recovery time, cheekbone fillers may give anybody these stunning cheekbones. In order to get a more defined cheekbone, you may add volume to the region around the cheek and contour the form of your cheek. Fillers under the cheekbone known as “cheek fillers” may help restore lost volume and better define the facial bone structure. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are often used for cheekbones because they are reversible and “easy to adjust” if too much or too little is injected.

    While hyaluronic acid provides instant benefits in cheekbone treatment, poly-L-lactic filler takes some time to show effects since it is a stimulatory filler that stimulates the production of collagen over time.

    Fillers under cheekbones can also help with age sagging, giving the face a more natural, fuller appearance.


    • Restores lost facial volume
    • Adds elasticity and fullness to the face
    • Hydrates the skin

    Good For:

    • Lifted cheekbones
    • Facial volume
    • Elasticity of Facial Skin


    During your visit, our skilled injector will thoroughly assess the problem areas and develop a treatment plan that is suited to your unique requirements.

    The Procedure

    Cheekbone fillers are injected into several areas of the face to replace lost volume. Because deeper creases may be more difficult to remove, the procedure is most successful when wrinkles are in their early stages.


    One of the primary benefits of cheekbone augmentation such as dermal fillers is the practically total lack of downtime.

    In most cases, best fillers for cheekbones only have mild side effects like any pain or swelling which should subside within a few days, and you should be able to resume your normal activities. It is recommended that you avoid intensive exercise and alcoholic beverages for 24 hours after the cheekbone filler.


    Procedure Time
    Sensitivity Period
    24-48 Hours
    Visible Results
    48-72 Hours
    Rec. No. of Sessions
    1-2 per year


    Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring material with many moisturizing qualities. When hyaluronic acid is injected into the skin, it has a plumping effect and can restore lost volume to areas that have begun to thin, sag, and wrinkle with time.

    This mostly depends on your personal pain threshold. You should expect some discomfort when the filler is injected into the skin with a needle. 

    The treatment will last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on your practitioner’s expertise and your customized treatment plan.

    In most cases, the results will last at least a year and can be visible for up to 24 months.

    Patients should not experience any side effects following treatment, except for minor swelling and redness. There is a chance you will get some minor bruising.

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